Westminster,Maryland-Carroll County-Senior Session-Sean

Where do I start with this blog…This young man is truly something special!  He is my nephew and it has been amazing to watching him grow…and I mean grow!!!  He has gone from a cute baby boy with pudgy cheeks to becoming obsessed with Thomas the Train to turning into quite the athlete!  From swimming to basketball to soccer he has kept his mother busy driving him from practice to practice over the years.  Now focusing on soccer he is spending his senior year on both his high school soccer team and participating in club soccer.  He is a wiz at finances and is hoping to head to college to pursue a career in the finance world.   Even more special than all of the accomplishments he has made over the years is his witty personality and sense of humor!  We have a very special relationship as aunt and nephew…. I am the one that receives flying fish landing on my stomach at the lake of course tossed by him…. and so many cannonball bombs into the water which are sure to catch me by surprise and leave me drenched that I cannot count them!!!  Every summer we head to Smith Mountain Lake and we have so many wonderful laughs and create so many great memories.  I am going to miss him when he is too busy in the next stage of life to join us!   I am so proud of the young man he has become and am so excited to see what the future holds for him!  Best wishes for a bright and successful future Sean!!  And watch out I will continue to get you back!!!